CC-AWA Vintage Radio Display at Discovery Place Science Museum, Ham Radio Education Center.
Atwater Kent model 82, made in 1931
Ware Neutrodyne Type T, made in 1924
Homebrew spark transmitter built by a 12
year old boy named John Womack in 1920.
His amateur radio call was 4HK
Homebrew 1 tube regen receiver using
a WD-12.
This is the main operating position at NC4DP the Discovery Place amateur radio station. The operator is KF4NJP.
This is the display case that Discovery Place had built to our specs for displaying vintage radios.
All of the radios in this display are from "Radio Heaven" the private collection of  Ron Lawrence W4RON
Take a tour of "Rado Heaven"
The display at Discovery Place and the entire Ham Radio Education Center has been dismantled for remodeling.
Hopefully there will be a place for the antique radio display in the newly remodeled museum.